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Land Surveying

The BSS Design, Inc survey staff is equipped with electronic survey equipment which allows a seamless flow of information between the survey data collection, computer aided drafting (CAD) in our office to the final plan.

Fundamentally, Land Surveying is measuring a piece of land to determine the spatial relationships between property lines, buildings, zoning requirements, wetland areas- just about anything. What sets one Land Surveyor apart from another is how the basic data is interpreted and the final plan drawn or property line marked. BSS Design has gained a reputation for careful analysis of the deed history, survey data, and previous plans, and incorporating years of experience into the preparation of the final plan or lot line determination. We are also known for creating innovative solutions when designing subdivisions and housing projects.

Type of plans and surveys we work on include:

  • Marking Property Lines for fences, planting, clearing, etc.
  • Certified Plot Plans for building permits and septic upgrades
  • Topographic / Existing Conditions Plans for land use planning
  • Elevation Certificates for both flood zones and building heights
  • Land Surveys for resolving boundary disputes
  • Land Court Surveys
  • Condominium Plans
  • Subdivision Plans
  • ALTA/ACSM Plans for commercial lending
  • Conservation Restriction Plans
  • Public Hearings at all Town Departments
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